Tsunami Tragedy

  We ask your help !

   Our Goal $1,000000.00


 United We Stand! United We Work !
United We Pray! United We Collect!
United We Share! United We Help!


 Katrina Tragedy

Let us Re-Construct and build a better future for those helpless Victims!

   Donate for your favorite Country! "Dollar a day  can feed family today"

Over 5 millions are homeless because of a Tsunami & Katrina. Billions of people over the world are effected directly or indirectly! Thousands of innocent people  remain missing! Please turn your full attention to give aid to the living.  has donated this page for the year 2005. Restaurants of choice have pledged over  $5,000.00  in Gift Certificates to be distributed for lucky winners of the month. Please read the web reviews of the sponsored companies at Many more programs are in the pipeline from manufactures and distributors here in the USA. Some of the program sponsors have arranged several branded cosmetics samples from clients to be sent as gifts to acknowledge every donor.  Just send me a copy of your receipt with SASE that a "Contribution" or a "Pledge" is made, that a donation was directly sent to choice of your charity or to choice of your  country like " Indonesia, Sirilanka, Thailand, India, and I shall send you a gift.  Write to me if you have any questions at

South Asia is suffering. No one can replace the loss of human life, but we can help broken hearts with love & donations.

A New Day, A New Ray! A New Hope, A New Way!


  Dollar a Day Pleaszzzzz! Just Pledge for a day/ week/ month or for a year and send a cash donations direct with Compassion to Choice of your Charity in your Country; in any Currency and I shall send you with love a signature series "Eye Make Corrector"* as a "Thank You" gesture.  I believe in  you and I know you believe in a better world. Just do it and forward this link to your family and friends. * Gifts are limited and may change till supply lasts.
  Victims need your Support. Donate today! Any Questions? Just Write to Me!  Just Pass it on!
 Click~Choice of your Charity~Help those affected by this unexpected tragedy.
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